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Strongr makes planning, logging and tracking your efforts in the gym simple and straightforward. We have focussed solely on the features that matter to serious athletes like you. 

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Plan like a pro

Strongr features an easy to use workout builder that lets you plan and save workout routines. With options to structure workouts with straight sets, supersets, trisets, giantsets or circuits.



Organise your training plans

Combine your workouts into personalised programs. Easily structure programs to support periodisation.


Get it done in the gym

With a large, clean UI, Strongr makes it easy to log whilst training. So you can focus on executing your lifts, and spend less time phone-fiddling. Strongr auto remembers the weight you lifted last time.



Review your performance

See every weight, every rep and every set in detailed training logs.


Keep track of your progress

View how you are progressing in the exercise dashboard. Get an instant overview of your vital stats and graphs.