Grouping workouts into programs for training periodisation and managing day-splits

Most will be familiar with different types of weight training programs; strength, endurance, hypertrophy, power. Each support different individual training goals. They can be combined to form periodised training programs which help athletes achieve longer term training goals.

For our training log app, Strongr, we organised the 'home screen' to make the management of your training plans easy. By grouping workouts into programs, the app allows you to structure your training much like how you do it today. So many generalised fitness apps have neglected this aspect. A lot are designed in such a way that it assumes you are writing your workout whilst you train! (or they assume you had no idea of what you were going to do before you set foot in the gym). All serious weightlifters or body-builders have a plan before they train. That's why with Strongr, we designed it so that you can plan your training before you go into the gym.

Setting up a program is straightforward:

1. Add and name your program (We're a fan of the Texas Method here at Strongr HQ)


2. Add a new workout or choose existing workouts to add. An existing workout you have previously written and used in another program can also be added to other/new programs.


3. Edit/reorder your workout list in the program overview screen



4. Edit/rearrange your programs in the 'home screen'